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Enola Holmes 2 Review

November 10, 2022

A Netflix Original Sequel? That’s right! For the first time in PFB history, we are reviewing a sequel to a Netflix Original Film. How is this possible? Well, if you look back, Netflix Original films have not been around as long as you might think. In fact, Enola Holmes was one of the first Netflix films to be successful enough to warrant a sequel, so it is appropriate that the subject of our first Netflix sequel review is Enola Holmes 2. Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and more return for the follow-up to Netflix’s surprise 2020 hit. In our Enola Holmes 2 review, we cover all of the headwinds facing any sequel and how Enola Holmes 2 handles them as well as whether this film justifies itself as another installment in this young series. Of course, we’ll also discuss that post-credits scene and all things Enola Holmes 2.


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